Six Signs It’s Time to Change Your Hotel PMS

Customers and the public may not realize the effect PMS has on the way your hotel does business. When things don’t go as planned, it’s almost second nature to blame it on hotel PMS! It’s a common trait for large and small establishments. The question is, are you prepared to change the property management system so it works more effectively for everyone concerned?

Make a Short List

It’s really tempting to change every aspect of your hotel’s PMS. Start off by evaluating which things are interfering with business. You may have fewer roadblocks than you think. Start by addressing obvious problems including:

  • Computerized systems that don’t work well together.
  • Work done by hand that could be done on the computer faster and more accurately,
  • Outdated websites.
  • Ineffective or lack of advertising.
  • Lack of cloud technology.
  • Little or no time to spend with customers.

Encourage everyone involved with hotel operations, including the CPA and potential software vendors, to attend the workshops and open forums held to discuss change. It’s an opportunity to hear additional recommendations from others to change the outdated or inadequate management system.

Update Advantages

Eliminate the problem of incompatible computerized systems. Select a management program that saves time by quickly and accurately processing work once done by hand. Another advantage of updating the system is seamless connectivity with programs from supporting sites.

Nearly everyone you meet has a Smartphone, iPhone or tablet. Hoteliers are using that information wisely by giving potential guests the opportunity to check in and out using their own mobile devices. Station desktop computers in convenient areas, providing access to employees and guests and reinforcing the goal of efficiency.

Invite the world to your doorstep with an updated website. Let drop-ins know the site is under reconstruction and the estimated date of completion. Confirm older sites are dismantled. Let guests see what’s special about your hotel. 3D visual room tours and an outdoors guide of things to do are effective ways to attract new and returning guests. An easy to access site is one of the most effective forms of advertising available.

Do team members still resist the integration of cloud technology and business data? Hotel PMS takes a positive step with cloud-supported guest-facing features. Allow clientele to utilize services offered at hotels around the world. Room service, online check-in, and guest-staff communication are examples of consumer friendly, time-saving options that leave you time to meet with guests, associates, and distributors.

Activating positive hospitality accommodation management takes a burden off your shoulders as well as the people who work for and with you. A well-designed, computerized PMS manages records and personnel without a need to document activities with paper and pencil. It provides more time to welcome and get to know customers without losing track of the day’s activities.

Although relatively new to the industry, automated hotel PMS optimises operations. It tracks bookings, online reservations, reports, and sales. Costs of supplies like beverage and food are recorded and updated to create on-demand reports. The program is most effective when it interfaces or integrates with third-party solutions like online booking engines. It’s extremely important to select a program that meets your needs because cutting corners typically cuts business and productivity.